Wendy rolls in to The Wilson School

Yesterday, my sister and I visited the Wilson School in Clayton, MO.


Mandy getting Miked up!

Our first group was Senior Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.


We started off talking about my life, growing up with Mandy and Mandy in elementary school. This group wanted us to keep reading books. That’s what we did.

Next group was 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades. I read Wendy on Wheels Takes a Stand to them. After I read it, I asked for their thoughts. They sure had a lot of comments! They commented on so many aspects of the books. They noticed hidden morales, imagery and things that I never even thought of.

Shift your mindset.

Shift your mindset.

One young man said he had read all of the Wendy on Wheels books at his previous school. He said he got to know Wendy and he forgot she was in a wheelchair. WOW!!! This is exactly what I am going for!!! I felt giddy.

The last group was the pre-kindergarten and junior kindergarten classes. We read Wendy on Wheels Goes to the Zoo and Wendy on Wheels Saves the Day. Most importantly, they got to look at Mandy’s wheelchair up close and touch it.

A wheelchair! Cool.

A wheelchair! Cool.

It was such an amazing group of kids! I feel truly grateful for being invited to share Wendy on Wheels with the Wilson School.

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