“Got a copy for Owen which arrived today, he LOVED reading it and is taking it in to school tomorrow for his teacher to read it to the class. Thanks Wendy.  He is now a LOT more positive about his own wheelchair which he is getting on the 3rd June!!”  Melanie, mother of Owen, United Kingdom

“Just got your book today~~~my daughter LOVES it! Can’t wait for your next book!! ;)”  Amy, mother of Sydney, USA

“We received our copy of Wendy on Wheels today and we love it!!!”  Kelley, mother of Zachrey, USA

“Just got our book in the mail this week and LOVE it! My daughter (with SB) read it to her younger sister tonight before bed. Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing more of Wendy on Wheels! Thanks again!”  Sarah, mother of Katie, USA

“I got Wendy Goes to the Beach this week and gave it to Kimmie’s teacher to use in their reading group. Kimmie did her famous handflapping thing when she saw the cover, so you know that’s good.” Vicki, mother of Kimmie, USA

“Here’s the verdict of an 11 yr old with Cp about your book…She loves it and can’t wait for the next adventure. She’s going to take it to Guides and School.” Julie, mother of Samantha, UK